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As a result of continuously evolving legislation, new constraints are constantly being imposed. Is your company in compliance with current regulations?

With the support of an excellent staff, Dokever offers two different types of consulting services, depending on the specifics of your organization:

> Audits
> Engineering


Organizational audit: What are your work methods?

> Precise analysis of your organization’s Health, Safety and Emergency Plan, using proven Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) methodology
> Awareness of the history of events in the same sector to fortify the framework and the conditions for intervention by the various parties involved

Legal audit: What are the current regulations?

> Research and analysis of the specific local regulations, carried out by legal professionals
> Study of the chain of responsibility between the organizer and third parties (direct or indirect)


Following the Audit phase, we offer:

> Internal reflection on the priorities to be established
> Optimization of the audited processes
> Support and guidance in the implementation of these new processes
> Specific training (medical, paramedical, hi-fi simulations, crisis management, etc.)

In light of continuously evolving legislation and the challenges imposed by globalization, you will benefit from the unique perspective Dokever can offer. Are the legal aspects of your existing Medical Assistance Plan appropriate? Does the plan address the specifics of your workplace environment? Does it comply with current regulations?

1) Audits

Organizational audit:
What are your work methods? Dokever performs a precise analysis of the organization of your health, safety and emergency services, as well as your logistics. We then establish an overview of the sector to make an objective comparison.

Legal audit:
What are the current regulations? We research and analyze the regulations and cross-reference them with your current practices to make the most objective comparison possible. We take the history of events in the same sector into account and leverage the lessons learned in order to adapt the plans. In the case of epidemics, we analyze causes and flows, draft action plans, and implement procedures, practices, prevention and hygiene algorithms, and the management and observance of the cold chain.

2) Engineering

Dokever advises you and manages the implementation of medium- or long-term comprehensive healthcare structures in hostile environments. We also manage the care of the expatriates and the interactions with local resources and aid societies. We implement and organize a healthcare center offering various levels of skills:

- Mobile nursing
- Mobile radiology unit
- Mobile medical office
- Mobile hospital

We can recruit and train ad hoc personnel to respond to health crises in a given geographical area or to provide temporary treatment in an emergency situation. We can also provide advice on supply management (quantitative, qualitative, hydration and pharmaceutical).

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