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Short films, feature films, videos, advertisements, documentaries, reports, institutional films, etc. In the audiovisual world, technical progress has spurred incredible achievements. While greatly enhancing quality, these advances have also increased the number of risks: stunts, hostile environments, physical incapacities, hazardous component handling, etc.

As such, optimized medical care management is an essential element for success.

Dokever takes all of the technical challenges imposed by a film set into consideration and fortifies its medical assistance mission with a prevention and advice component. We make every effort to provide maximum on-site care to avoid interfering with filming.

- Ongoing assistance and immediate care
- Partnership in stunt preparation and film crew safety
- Another perspective on safety on the set

Dokever adjusts to all the constraints that filming imposes by promoting discretion, appropriate resources, efficiency and rapid intervention, whether the filming takes place in the daytime or night-time, on the water or underwater, in the mountains, in France or abroad, in extreme environments, etc.

VIP service: Dokever can treat not only the actors, but also the entire technical team, whether during one scene or several months of shooting.

Medical expertise in support of filmmaking:

- Medical advice on vocabulary, names and dosages of the medications to be used in scenes, etc.
- Assistance with makeup
- Provision of the necessary materials to create a realistic healthcare environment (emergency, surgery, laboratory, operating room, etc.)
- Provision of vehicles (ambulances), from the Citroën DS to the latest model EMS truck, including electric ambulance carts for use on golf courses, portable incubators, medevac planes and helicopters, and water ambulances


    The healthcare professionals available to you include:

    • Physicians in all specialties
    • Physical therapists, podiatrists and osteopaths
    • Emergency medical technicians (EMTs)
    • Registered nurse anesthetists
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    You can lease our logistical resources, including:

    • Modern and historical emergency vehicles
    • Pharmaceutical supplies
    • Wheelchairs
    • Radios and walkie-talkies

    When you need medical services for your event, opt for our comprehensive solution, which includes:

    • Legal responsibility
    • Insurance
    • Human resources


Delays and interruptions in shooting due to unexpected medical problems are among the primary risks faced by directors, studio/location managers and production companies. Our medical services take the specific nature of filmmaking into account. Our offer of services includes an advice component.
> Prevention, tips and recommendations
> Treatment of technical personnel and actors
> Medical advice and materials to ensure that scenes are realistic
> Stunt preparation
> Medical advice on vocabulary and on the names and dosages of the medications to be used in scenes

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