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Founded by emergency physicians and nurses in the year 2000, Dokever today encompasses numerous facets of medical assistance.

Our mission is to offer our partners the necessary Resources, Expertise and Logistics to provide medical services at their events or worksites.

With 19 years of experience in pre-hospital medical assistance, Dokever is the partner of choice for mass event organizers. As such, Dokever’s methodology is founded on four fundamental principles:

• Relieving organizers of all medical responsibility
• Analyzing risks and optimizing plans
• Coordinating all emergency aid resources
• Providing comprehensive digital reporting

Our primary concerns are safety and maintaining the peace throughout the event. Dokever is not only present during the event, but also helps coordinate health measures during the setup and dismantling phases.

Optimized medical care management is one of the essential elements for success under increasingly demanding circumstances. Dokever demonstrates ultra-responsiveness and a strong capacity for adapting to change in managing the constant developments that are inherent to mass events.

Throughout the organization process, Dokever assumes medical responsibility for the event. Dokever collaborates with the involved agencies (EMS, firefighters, hospitals, ambulances, medical assistance and repatriation services), all of which are notified upstream in order to ensure that treatment is optimized in terms of speed and appropriateness.

We guarantee efficient communications by assigning a dedicated Dokever representative, who will provide follow-up on a regular basis and ensure that any important information for or from the teams is shared with the appropriate parties.

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