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The globalization of industrial sites (temporary worksites, offshore oil rigs, refineries, etc.) necessitates appropriate healthcare management. As such, it is essential to take the challenges imposed by the industrial sector into consideration, while assembling a team that meets the strict criteria of the Department of Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE).

The health, safety and emergency measures that are implemented must provide for all of your employees, regardless of the complexity of their work environment.

Dokever provides medical services for all types of industrial production sites and worksites.

Dokever implements the appropriate measures (analysis of your specifications, feasibility studies, etc.) in order to respond effectively to your needs. The service that is provided is fully customized and designed specifically to respond to the inherent risks and characteristics of your worksite. Dokever proposes an organizational structure to guarantee that the services provided are high-quality and adapted to the site.

Workplace health is among the most essential responsibilities faced by companies. Article R.4623-53 of the Labor Code stipulates that employers must implement a healthcare infrastructure whenever the number of people at a worksite exceeds 200.

Custom medical services:

For industrial companies, there can be numerous advantages to implementing custom medical services:

- Time savings and increased efficiency in the management of medical problems: having a trained medical team present on-site guarantees a rapid response that’s appropriate to the situation
- Lower incidence of workplace accidents, thanks to preventive actions
- Cost control
- Ability to focus on your core responsibilities by delegating medical services to a company that specializes in that area


    The HSE-certified healthcare professionals available to you include:

    • Emergency physicians
    • Anesthesiologists
    • Registered nurses
    • Registered nurse anesthetists
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    You can lease our logistical resources, including:

    • Telemedicine
    • Equipment and refurbishing for clinics
    • Temporary or permanent medical equipment
    • Off-site logistical support and management
    • Pharmacy and medication in accordance with local regulations

    When you need medical services for your worksite, opt for our comprehensive solution, which includes:

    • Healthcare protocols in remote areas
    • Liaisons with external medical facilities
    • Emergency contacts available 24 hours a day
    • Evacuation and emergency assistance plans
    • Detailed documentation and reports


Dokever does more than simply supply physicians, EMTs, nurses and other healthcare personnel. We also establish and manage on-site clinics in remote, isolated areas. Dokever offers you safe, comprehensive medical systems that include medical personnel and equipment, training, evacuation and emergency intervention plans, reporting systems and medical protocols.

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