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« nemo censetur ignorare lege » - ignorance of the law is no excuse

Major political, cultural & sporting events have in common:
- A high concentration of people in one place
- Emergency access that are often difficult to reach
- Risks related to the environment: weather conditions, terrorist threats, ...
- Risks related to the subject-matter of the event: practice of an extreme sport, ...

The organization of such gatherings is therefore indelibly linked with a significant health risk. Especially since the mass of people on the event makes any rescue intervention difficult. This context raised the interest of the legislator in codifying the implementation of a preventive medical device.


1) Law 95-73 of January 21st, 1995.
Article 23-1: Local Authorities may impose on the organizer all necessary measures to ensure the proper conduct of the event, including the establishment of a security service or a sanitary device

2) Law 2004-811 of August 13, 2004.
Law on the Modernisation of civil protection


1) Decree 87-1005 of February 16, 1987
Tasks and organization of the emergency medical service (SAMU)

2) Decree 97-646 of May 31, 1997
Designation by the organizer of law enforcement officials for-profit-making events

3) Decree 2006-334 of March 21, 2006
Specific provision concerning rave parties

4) Decree 2006-237 of February 27, 2006
Registration process for safety authorizations


1) Order of 25 March 1992
Fireworks storage

2) Order of 7 November 2006
Provisional emergency arrangements


Ministerial Circular NOT/INT/88/00 157 C of April 20, 1988
Security of large gatherings.

The framework act on safety (Law 95-73 of 21 January 1995) defines the organizer's responsibility for assisting those present during the event. The Order of November 7, 2006 completes this law and defines the procedures for setting up the Provisional Emergency Arrangements. This emergency plan, required by the Prefect, must be set up by the organizer.

Depending on …
- the type of event (exhibition, festival, sporting event, …)
- the profile of the organizer (public / private),
- the number of participants,

… the obligations will not be the same! The legal framework is complex, hence the interest of being advised by professionals.

For many years, Dokever has been assisting event organizers in the medicalization of their events.

Dokever is also one of the French leaders in medical coordination. Dokever executes missions of expertise and medical management, participates in risk management inherent to crowd gathering and offers the organizers legal protection.

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