PerfSanté AFGSU 2, formation des professionnels de santé Perf Santé
  • Created by expert medical and paramedical professionals, PERF Santé is a hub of continuing professional training, geared toward excellence and innovation in the development of training for healthcare professionals.
  • Our partnership with PERF Santé enables us to accompany our proposed solutions with high-quality medical, paramedical and first-aid training.
Urgever : transports sanitaires adultes, pédiatriques ou néonatalogies. URGEVER ®

A result of the merger between BB Ambulances and T2IH Experts®, URGEVER® is a company based in Rhône Alpes, specializing in medical transport. Through its activities, URGEVER® provides an intermediate medical transport link between conventional private ambulances and mobile emergency and resuscitation services (SMUR):

  • Conventional medical transport
  • Pediatric medical transport
  • Pre-hospital emergency care at the request of urgent medical aid services (SAMU)
  • Inter-hospital nursing transport (T2IH)
  • Medical repatriation by land or air, accompanied by physicians or paramedics


As a software platform for sharing information, logicoss aims to accelerate and simplify patient treatment and follow-up care.

The true backbone of our health, safety and emergency measures, from the simplest to the most complex, the logicoss platform has been adopted by Dokever from the very beginning.


A pioneer in decentralized weather forecasting equipment, SELERYS works with Dokever in the deployment of a network of agile Doppler weather radar equipment in order to improve safety at the events for which Dokever provides medical services.
By consolidating weather surveillance data in the logicoss platform, it is possible to obtain fine-tuned weather-health predictive models as far ahead as 2024.


Chef de file canadien en :

  • Formation sur la sécurité
  • Services de soutien médical en régions éloignées

Ultra Sports Science Ultra Sports Science
    Foundation for Medicine & Science in Ultra-Endurance Sports.

ALT Group events, location talkie-walkie Lyon ALT GROUP EVENTS

ALT Group Events is our radio communications expert and supplier in France and throughout the world. Combining radio, IP and satellite technologies, ALT Group Events guarantees us irreproachable service, regardless of the technical complexity.


Since 2006, the Podoxygene Association has united sports podiatrists who are passionate about their profession. Their teams are present with us at sporting events, applying the customized care protocols developed at their research and training centers.

Axealliance AXELLIANCE
  • Our close partnership with Axelliance Groupe now allows us to offer an exclusive primary medical assistance and medical repatriation insurance package. After defining and analyzing their clients’ needs based on the specific nature of the risks, Axelliance Risk recommends customized security measures to be implemented.
  • Because this innovative approach guarantees better risk management, it helps control the cost of insurance.
  • As a result, the clients (organizers, tour operators, leisure facilities, companies, etc.) involved in this virtuous circle can work with optimal confidence and peace of mind.


ANMSM (The National Association of Physicians and Mountain Rescuers) was created in March of 1990. It brings together most of the physicians and some of the rescuers and crews that participate in mountain rescue missions in France.
The primary objective of the association is to improve the quality and efficiency of the medical treatment of victims of mountain accidents.

Yurplan Yurplan

Thanks to an online platform, Yurplan helps and supports organizers from A to Z to manage their events. The proposed solutions aim to improve 2 major axes in the world of events:

  • Optimizing participant’s experience through data management before, during and after the event.
  • Increasing visibility through communication and virality.

Organizers will find on Yurplan’s platform fundamental and necessary tools for an event, such as on- line ticketing, on-line registration, or a data processing software.

DotVision DotVision

DotVision est le spécialiste du suivi GPS en temps réel des épreuves Outdoor. Depuis 2011, DotVision développe sa plateforme et ses balises GPS pour répondre aux exigences des organisateurs de courses (Trail, Cyclisme, Raids, Ultra-endurance, nautique, mushing, ...)

Dokever utilise la géolocalisation pour faciliter la prise de décision au sein d'un PC Course.

Dokever, assitance médicale événementielle
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