Dokever is composed of dedicated medical teams (emergency physicians, sports physicians, osteopaths, surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, physical therapists, podiatrists, EMTs, etc.), in addition to an administrative and logistics team.
From auditing to reporting, you’ll benefit from the advice and efficiency of our medical management professionals.

Dokever, Ressources humaines et matérielles


Emergency physicians ride in a specially equipped vehicle, often accompanied by a paramedic and a nurse anesthetist. On-site, they provide initial care (resuscitation, bandaging or immobilizing injuries, etc.) and, if necessary, transport the patient to whichever hospital is best equipped to treat the specific condition.

Dokever, Ressources humaines et matérielles


Using manual manipulation techniques with a careful, precise touch, podiatrists, osteopaths and physical therapists help maintain your clients or staff in optimal condition. This premium treatment guarantees the quality of your events.

Dokever, Ressources humaines et matérielles


When working on events, our teams are deployed around a common command post with the organizer. A coordinator manages the organization’s tactical challenges, delegating responsibility according to skills.
In worksites where we provide medical services, our interventions are performed in a medical office that is located on the company premises and managed by one of our qualified staff members. All users have access to our resources, which are renewed each year at our partner locations.

Dokever, Ressources humaines et matérielles
Dokever, Ressources humaines et matérielles


As the hospital staff member most often responsible for administering anesthesia (pre- and post-operative) and performing resuscitation, anesthesiologists are also directly responsible for suspending anesthesia. Our anesthesiologists have saved many lives through their interventions during mass events. They are an essential part of the health, safety and emergency measures we provide.

Dokever, Ressources humaines et matérielles


Genuine guardian angels of athletes, sports physicians supervise the health of high-level sports figures and ensure that their bodies can respond to the demands placed on them. Did a sprain occur during training? A sports physician can take care of it.

Dokever, Ressources humaines et matérielles


Working alongside a physician, registered nurses provide a wide range of care and technical procedures that are indispensable to patients. Nursing is without a doubt one of the most well-known medical professions.
Our nurses are trained to perform specific functions, including duties in the operating room (registered scrub nurses) or in resuscitation (registered nurse anesthetists).

Dokever, Ressources humaines et matérielles


  • Means of communication (satellite telephones, VOIP,
    geolocation, dedicated computer networks, etc.)
  • Dedicated software packages (LOGICOSS, Rescue Me)
  • Emergency equipment (defibrillators, oxygen, mini-laboratories, operating rooms, etc.)
  • Cave rescue equipment
  • GRIMP rescue kits
  • Water rescue equipment
  • Hyperbaric chambers
  • Self-sustaining logistical resources (tents, generators, heating, lighting, etc.)


  • 4-by-4s, Type I and Type II ambulances, quads, motorbikes, etc.
  • Helicopters and helicopter winches
  • Lifeboats, etc.
Dokever, Ressources humaines et matérielles
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