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The condition for success

The universal values of sports transcend borders and cultures.

Competition, team spirit, mutual respect and the drive to surpass one’s personal best are the underlying currents of every sports discipline. By uniting billions of individuals all across the planet, modern sports celebrate the power of the human body and spirit, continually pushing the envelope.

As such, optimized medical care management is an essential element for success.

Endurance events have become increasingly popular. In France, nearly two million people per year hang a number on the back of their jersey and test their limits in challenges that can be fiendishly difficult. These mass outdoor events (track, trail running, mountain biking, cycling, triathlons, skiing, multisport races, extreme races, etc.) bring together hundreds or even thousands of participants and require a rigorous, customized plan for medical prevention and assistance.

The association or professional organization putting on the event must be able to rely on genuine partners in the area of medical assistance.

Human resources

Dokever puts together a dedicated medical team (emergency physicians, sports physicians, osteopaths, surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, physical therapists, podiatrists, EMTs, etc.), in addition to an administrative and logistics team.

Technical resources and high-tech materials

Means of communication (satellite telephones, geolocation, dedicated computer networks, etc.), all-terrain vehicles, (4-by-4s, quads, motorbikes, etc.), emergency resources (defibrillators, oxygen, mini-laboratories, operating rooms, etc.), cave rescue equipment, GRIMP rescue kits, water rescue equipment, hyperbaric chambers, self-sustaining logistical resources (tents, generators, heating, lighting, etc.).

Throughout the organization process, Dokever assumes medical responsibility for the event:

Before the event

- Risk analysis by means of a full, precise audit of your event. Dokever targets the pathological risks, according to the nature of the event.
- Drafting of a specification sheet, taking into account the laws and regulations that apply to your event.
- Proposal of personalized solutions to ensure that the medical services are as efficient as possible.
- Design of the medical components of the administrative files (federations, headquarters, safety committees, etc.).

In the field:

- Dokever manages the medical care and operations for the event at the organization’s pace (medical HQ management, interventions, transmissions, etc.).
- The Dokever team treats each patient as soon as possible, while maintaining professional confidentiality and observing the Code of Ethics. Our physicians provide initial care on-site (prescriptions, dispensing medication, etc.).
- Dokever collaborates with the involved agencies (EMS, firefighters, hospitals, ambulances, medical assistance and repatriation services), all of which are notified upstream in order to ensure that treatment is optimized in terms of speed and appropriateness.
- In the case of events that take place abroad, Dokever organizes medical repatriation services.

After the event:

- Dokever manages the follow-up care of the patients who were treated, as well as the communications with the families and insurance companies.
- Dokever analyzes and evaluates the effectiveness of the measures that were implemented and makes recommendations for future improvements.

With the support of Dokever’s professional teams, you can organize your event with total peace of mind and allow the participants to surpass their personal best safely.


    The healthcare professionals available to you include:

    • Emergency physicians in sports medicine
    • Anesthesiologists
    • Registered nurses
    • Physical therapists, podiatrists and osteopaths
    More information

    You can lease our logistical resources, including:

    • All-terrain vehicles
    • Helicopters
    • Quads
    • VOIP
    • PCC
    • Satellite telephones

    When you need medical services for your event, opt for our comprehensive solution, which includes:

    • Legal responsibility
    • Administrative assistance
    • Insurance
    • Human resources
    • Coordination of health and emergency aid


Bringing together the key players in a given field to create added value is an extremely important mission. We accomplish this through continuous medical care management.
The strength of our measures lies in ultra-responsiveness and the mastery of emergency procedures.

They help resolve crucial issues for organizers, by means of:
> Geolocation of resources
> Cutting-edge materials
> Assistance with administrative procedures
> Reporting and feedback
> Patient follow-up care

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