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Incentive seminars are powerful team-building tools.

Whether these events are organized in France or abroad, support and guidance, as well as individualized follow-up, must be personalized for each one of your employees.

Abroad, upstream planning of medical treatment is indispensable.

Group travel and team-building operations cannot be improvised on the spur of the moment. Proper management of an incentive event relies on meticulous preparation. Your event cannot have any grey areas, especially when it comes to managing the medical care of the participants and organizers.

Thanks to a precise upstream analysis of the risks (transportation, possible sports activities, etc.), Dokever can guarantee the safety of the attendees, executives and speakers with optimum responsiveness in the event that a problem arises.

While our interventions aim to provide optimum speed and efficiency, our presence within the organization remains discreet at all times. Always ready to intervene with the appropriate resources and in contact with healthcare organizations throughout the world, Dokever manages communications with the insurance company, as well as medical repatriation services.

Dokever helps you prepare for the trip

- Providing the participants with certain advice (a prophylaxis is often necessary)
- Coordinating vaccinations in conjunction with a travel clinic, orders for prophylactic treatments, etc.
- Creating a travel notebook devoted to tips, mandatory treatments, etc.
- Implementing individual medical records to identify medical risks and optimize treatment during the trip

The travel organizer must provide for repatriation. Our services are available with or without a repatriation service agreement. We can offer all-inclusive services (a medical support team, on-site medical fee management and medical repatriation).

Medical treatment abroad is never an easy matter. That’s why Dokever provides you with multilingual physicians, assisted by our technical support center in France. Dokever will manage the following aspects:

- Exclusive medical treatment, from the most basic care to the most serious situations
- Initiation of treatment
- Support and guidance in an appropriate local organization, chosen in relation to the aid society’s technical platform
- Coordination of on-site care, relations with the travel assistance provider and preparations for repatriation, if necessary


    The multilingual healthcare professionals available to you include:

    • Emergency physicians
    • Anesthesiologists
    • Travel physicians and specialists in tropical diseases
    • Onboard physicians
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    You can lease our ultralight logistical resources, including:

    • All-terrain vehicles
    • Helicopters
    • Quads
    • International oxygen distribution networks
    • Hyperbaric chambers
    • Satellite telephones

    When you need medical services for your event, opt for our comprehensive solution, which includes:

    • Legal responsibility
    • Administrative assistance
    • Insurance
    • Human resources
    • Collaboration with the travel assistance provider


In order to guarantee optimized medical care management at all times, all of the concerned parties (tour operators, bus lines, aircraft manufacturers, etc.) must be known to the travel assistance provider.
The strength of our measures lies in ultra-responsiveness and the mastery of emergency procedures.
They provide crucial support and guidance to organizers, by means of:
> Preparation of a Medical Emergency Response Plan (MERP)
> Travel notebooks
> Individual medical records and medical tips prior to the trip
> Travel coordination in conjunction with a travel clinic
> Prophylactic treatment, if necessary

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