The underlying logic of the care provided by our healthcare professionals is to minimize risks. Medical safety is ensured through a system of preventive pharmacovigilance and treatment.
Gathering information and analyzing the patient’s situation before administering medication, observing any side-effects and following up to make sure that the treatment was successful are all part of our modus operandi.


Relieving organizers of all medical responsibility for their event or site demands our complete mastery of legal procedures and timelines. We will guide and support you in your administrative procedures and will ensure that the value chain is deployed with transparency and efficiency.


Our medical management organization provides us with total flexibility in terms of human resources. With approximately a thousand participants and staff members, Dokever is a model of excellence, benefitting from the expertise and professionalism of the medical community in France and Europe. Our mantra is to guarantee the best alignment between the service offered, current legislation and the reality of the needs.


Our expertise enables us to ensure the professionalism of medical assistance from A to Z by providing comprehensive management of every means of prevention, medical assistance and medical care. Our experience allows us to efficiently optimize the timing of interventions by leveraging technology to provide us with the right information where and when we need it.


During the study phase, we dwell on the specific nature of every possible risk inherent to your project in order to guarantee the most appropriate solution. Then, during the operations phase, our analytical tools help us better map the risks associated with this event with the goal of maximizing the efficiency of the medical management measures.


Our internal teams will guide and support you whenever necessary, before, during and after the project. Our value-added service is based on attentiveness to your needs, awareness of your challenges and the overall quality of the relationship.


The codes of ethics in our fields are as old as the professions, themselves. We select our team members based on their training, their experience and their professionalism.

Dokever, assitance médicale événementielle
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Dokever, Medical Assistance