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Founded by emergency physicians and nurses in the year 2000, Dokever today encompasses numerous facets of medical assistance.

Our mission is to offer our partners the necessary Resources, Expertise and Logistics to provide medical services at their events or worksites.


Weather is the main criterion determining the utilization rate of health services during an event.

For the same event, from one year to the next, weather conditions can possibly double the number of athletes treated. Weather routing 7-days before the event (and then again 3-days before) allows to drastically reduce situations requiring careful overtaking.

In the mountains, a stormy weather is associated with the risk of lightning, landslides and sudden cooling of temperatures. It poses a significant risk on the proper conduct of trail running, mountain biking and cycling. A real-time weather routing is a guarantee of safety.

Whatever your event is & anywhere in the world, Dokever can provide a personalized weather routing service!

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